10 creative tips that will allow you to better manage certain situations with your children, especially number 9! I love it! If I had known before… I would have used it and you?

This article is dedicated to all parents on this Earth. Need a little help with the children? Well, you’re lucky with this list of simple and effective tips that will make your life a little easier.

Do you want your children to stop fighting in the car? Are you looking for the perfect place to hide candy? Do you want your children to eat their vegetables or take their medication? Anyway, we have the solution.

So here are some tips to help you become better equipped parents to deal with some of the situations that involve your children.

Here is the top 10! Our favorite is number 9 and you?

1. Here’s the best way to stop fighting in the car.

2. A creative way to give medicines to your sick child.

3. Would you have thought of that?

4. Keep your toddler busy by letting him paint the fence with water

5. To prevent your child from eating sand

6. The best place to hide the little chocolates.

7. Put a glove full of beans on your baby’s back when you want your children to feel loved, but you are too tired.

8. Let your child express himself freely with a pencil in a box… rather than on the walls.

9. Colour their routines and teach time management

10. Put stickers on your child’s shoes to teach them how to put them on the right feet.