By repurposing objects, we can make life easier and more convenient.

11. 10 items you didn’t know could be repurposed! Wait until you see numbers 6 and 10!

So today we share with you some new discoveries to make your life easier. Go to the next page to see the top 10!

10. Plastic cups

A disposable plastic cup can quickly become a measuring cup thanks to the fill lines inside.

9. Legos

Legos, the famous toy building blocks, can also be used in everyday life, like in the kitchen to hang utensils or keys.

8. Clamps

Binder clips are ideal for organizing office cables.

7. Garden rake

A garden rake can be used without its handle as kitchen storage.

6. Olive oil

Olive oil helps revive leather shoes.

5. Clothespin

Clothespins protect your fingers while using a hammer.

4. Clothes hanger

A clothes hanger can quickly become a dish drainer, unclogging a clogged sink or drain.

3. Nice, right?

Buckets can be used for storage if you’re dealing with smaller ones. An artist’s studio can also accommodate accessories with classic buckets.

2. Tires

Old tires can be turned into garden furniture.

1. Ketchup magic

Ketchup has other uses. This sauce makes it possible to return your blonde hair back to its original color after being dyed green.