Weddings are essential ceremonies that remain traditional, despite countless efforts to do away with it.

Each couple tries to communicate through a theme, given their personality and their way of sharing their new life with guests as a married couple.

15. 14 of the most bizarre wedding photos, but very orignal! Especially number 8! You’ve never seen anything like it!

Every wedding is unique and is meant to last a lifetime.

Stepping out of the box and finding exciting, original ideas for the wedding is not always easy.

These 14 wedding photos reflect the originality and creativity of the couples. You’ll understand once you go to the next page.

14. Here’s photo number 1

13. Here’s photo number 2

12. Here’s photo number 3


11. Here’s photo number 4

10. Here’s photo number 5

9. Here’s photo number 6

8. Here’s photo number 7


7. Here’s photo number 8

6. Here’s photo number 9

5. Here’s photo number 10

4. Here’s photo number 11

3. Here’s photo number 12

2. Here’s photo number 13

1. Here’s photo number 14

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