DIY is not necessarily second nature to all of our citizens. Doing things yourself isn’t easy, and having the right tools isn’t always enough. You’ll need some skills, too, otherwise the project may end in disaster.

Instead, look at the work of these 15 novice DIY-ers in action, for a glimpse at their hilarious hijinks and mistrials.

The last photo is just unimaginable. I keep wondering how that’s even possible!

You can see poorly placed windows, crooked doors that don’t close right and let in all the cold air from outside. The finished product was definitely not as planned. So, to pay tribute to these people who have attempted to make their little projects possible, we created a list of top DIY fails.

Tip: Don’t make the same mistakes. Meet us on the following page to see the incredible top 15! Who do you think is the worst DIY-er?

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