16 famous actors so much makeup that it is difficult to recognize them … photo number 15 is really amazing

The acting profession is not only limited to embodying a fictional character on the screen. It also means knowing how to change and adopt a different look. This is much more true for actors or actresses who have a beautiful face or a beautiful figure.

When they play the roles of monsters, strange people, we have a lot of trouble recognizing them.

Attractive physiques become repulsive after a very successful movie make-up. In addition, the actors are perfect performers of rather amazing characters.

They know how to represent with talent the heroes of famous films. They make the success of these works. Share these total transformations around you! Enjoy the difference.

1. Daniel Radcliffe is a superb goat in Horns

2. Charlize Theron becomes a lair in Monster

3. Cate Blanchett is unrecognizable by begging in the Manifesto

4. Bill Skargard becomes a naughty clown for That

5. Margot Robbie is crazy about Suicide Squad

6. Sam Whortington is transfigured for the Titan

7. Dan Stevens puts on a funny picture for Beauty and the Beast

8. In the Shape of Water, Doug Jones becomes a very aquatic character

9. Gary Oldman is several years old for Darkest Hour

10. On Mad Max: Fury Road, Nicholas Hout lost his beauty

11. Fantastic Beasts: The Grindelwald Crimes show a dark appearance of Johnny Depp.

12. Halle Berry is only a shadow in Cloud Atlas

13. Guardians of the Galaxy reveals a detestable Dave Bautista

14. Richard Brake goes nuts in Game of Thrones

15. Do not miss Joel Edgerton in Bright

16. Jacob Tremblay is mismatched in Wonder.