17 animals that found themselves a cozy new home!

As you know, it’s well known that only cats possess a truly innate ability to find small, cozy places to take a nap in.

17. 17 animals that found themselves a cozy new home! Wait until you see the 11th and 14th!

Now, little by little, other animals have started to imitate cat friends.

16. Nothing better in the world than the sock of my master!

This cat is often mistaken for a decorative object and is always ready for a photo-op. A real star!

“Excuse me, sir, could you move me under the tree so I can rest in the shade?”

15. Be careful where you put your feet! I’m down here!

14. Me and my little family!

13. I need help please!

12. Everything is great! My friend gives the best hugs!

11. “Hey, I’m right here!”

10. Underwater residents also seek comfort – he found it!

9. “My dear, I’ve already done your homework, so don’t worry! Everything is under control”

8. “Doesn’t it make you want a cold one lol?”

7. “I found a new place for me to take my naps!”

6. “You got a package! And it’s me! Sign here, please!”

5. “Why didn’t I find this cozy bed sooner? I’m so good!”

4. From time to time this dog thinks he’s a little cat!

3. I love pretzels!

This little kitty loves pretzels so much that he took their place in the jar.

2. Yes, I’m everywhere…

1. Who wants a piece of my little brioche?