20 strangers sneaked into these photos and made them unforgettable! Number 16 and 20 are incredible!

When we take a picture, we often check to make sure everything is perfect. We set up the background, the poses, the expressions and gestures.

1. 20 strangers sneaked into these photos and made them unforgettable! Number 16 and 20 are incredible!

We have collected  20 fantastic photos for you that might not have become viral if strangers had not slipped in at the last minute.

2. He wanted to have his picture taken too lol!

“My wife wanted a picture, and then an unknown biker enjoying the sunset at the same place asked us to be in the picture. ”

3. He snuck in on the photo!

LOL! This guy slipped is on the photo of two strangers at a music festival. It made the photo a little less romantic.. Can you find him?

4. I took a picture of my friend fishing. I told her “Hey, he found me!”

5. I can not stand when three beautiful girls sneak into my photos, lol! In my opinion, it’s the other way around!

6. At Disneyland, this family asked my son to take a picture with them. Obviously he didn’t understand what they were asking him to do

7. How long do you think it took them to realize it?

8. Perfect timing!

9. This goose wanted to be the main subject.

10. I added a romantic touch to this photo of a stranger on the beach

11. A little old man who was on the beach the same time as us: “Do you want me to take a picture?” My wife: “Yes, please.” Perfect!

12. During our wedding photo shoot, we met this rock band. We asked them to take a picture with us. The result was pretty fantastic, don’t you think?

13. This Indian couple takes a romantic photo but a scary face lurks behind them.

14.  We met a stranger with the hugest smile when we took our pictures. One of the best memories from our wedding!

15. It’s never too late to sneak into a picture of ladies in bikinis! Ah, the lucky ones!

16. The photo had already been snapped when a cyclist passed before realizing his mistake.

17. When this parachute decides to land, and takes a photo with this young woman at the same time.

18. I wanted to take the dog’s picture … but this little girl had other plans apparently!

19. I tried to take a selfie at the airport. Before I could figure out how to flip the camera, I took this picture!

20. This dog is just extra!