April 1 is perhaps the only day of the year where the craziest pranks are allowed. We try them on friends, colleagues, and family, hoping that they have all have a sense of humor.

40. Find the 40 best jokes for April 1st on the next page! I’m definitely doing number 19 next time.

Some jokes on April 1st are truly unforgeable, so we’ve selected the Top 40 best jokes on April 1st to help you out!

Which one do you think is the craziest prank?

39. The “onions of love” work every time

38. The famous cellophane toilet

37. The famous chair–horn prank! It’s just huge!

36. Put a friend’s house up for sale!

35. Cover the eye of a colleague’s mouse with tape – brilliant!

34. Have you heard of the “Dude, Your Car” app?

It makes it look like your car has been damaged.

33. Highlight all the pages in your classmate’s textbook!

32. Choose Klingon as the Google reference language of your coworker! I assure you they will not like it LOL

31. Coller une pièce au sol avec de la glue!vous avez plus qu’a observer par la suite !! Rire assuré lol

30. Make the following changes for automatic text correction

29. Make fake poop and place it in weird places

28. Put salt or soap on a toothbrush!

27. Cover a car in cellophane!

26. There is also cellophane shampoo

25. Serve frozen cereal to your kids!

24. Place coloring tablets in the fauce

23. Sew the middle of a sock down, and watch what happens when they try to put it on!

22. I love this one – put a head in a jar!

21. Make this cake and ask someone to cut it

20. Fill a space with balloons

19. Stuff donuts with mayonnaise

18. A round a applause for this one!

17. The black screen and black desktop!

Black wallpaper + invisible desktop icons.

16. The trapped coke

15. Dress up as a car seat!


14. Flip all the computer screens in the office

13. Place a few touches of paint on the wipers of all the cars in the parking lot

12. Horizontal makeover? Isn’t it tempting?

11. Placing objects in jello

10. A false joy! Tempting, right? It’s nice to look at

9. Create a Febreze grenade

8. Add a skirt to the male silhouette on the bathroom door

7. Replace soap with lube

6. ..Do this terrible thing

5. Traumatize an enfant for life lol

4. A fake glue spill – works every time!

3. Glue a piece of office furniture to the ceiling! This one takes a bit of time lol

2. Cover soap with clear nail polish

1. Place glasses of water upside down on the living room table