Here are 17 people who totally refuse to accept their baldness!

For men, the hairstyle is an asset of seduction. We always share images of beautiful men with luscious hair flying in the wind. Long hair accentuates the chivalrous side, and girls love it.

Expertly crafted and combed hair is known to attract women and make other men jealous.

1. Top 17 people who refuse to accept their baldness. The results are hilarious! Especially the guy in number 14! Which number is the worst?

For men, hair loss and balding starts at an earlier and younger age. Some lose the hair on their heads in their twenties and find themselves half-bald, and may even be bald by the time they reach their 40s.

2. Baldness has even become a real insecurity for young to middle aged men.

Many try to hide it by adopting a certain hairstyle.

Unfortunately, the remedy is often worse than being bald bad.

It is better to simply live with it, or resort to implants.

Check out this 17 photo gallery of men rather complexed by their baldness on the following pages.

Here’s number 1

3. Here’s number 2

4. Here’s number 3

5. Here’s number 4

6. Here’s number 5

7. Here’s number 6


8. Here’s number 7

9. Here’s number 8

10. Here’s number 9

11. Here’s number 10

12. Here’s number 11

13. Here’s number 12

14. Here’s number 13

15. Here’s number14

16. Here’s number 15

17. Here’s number 16

18. Here’s number 17

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