Here’s the list of 20 names of men considered to be the most annoying men existing on the planet! Are you one of them?

As we usually say, men and woman do not come from the same planet. And most of the time, they do not understand each other.

When it comes to arguing, woman are fast to qualify their lover as “very annoying”. And let’s be honest, in mo cases, they are right!

However, even if some men CAN be annoying sometimes, they are usually not meanful and can even be lovely.

On the next page, you will find the list of 20 names of men considered to be the most annoying men on earth! Are you one of them?

Of course, we have to find a reason to endure them everyday! We all have a friend who is not alway easy to bear but who makes us laugh anyway and with whom we love to spend great moments with.

Click on the button to see our ranking of the 20 most annoying men on the planet! What do you think of it? Do you think the first one deserves his place as the worst of them all?

1. Kevin

The one named Kevin is renowned to be excessively methodical and orderly, which can irritate his friends to the highest point.

2. Julian

Julians become very annoying when they have an idea or a project in mind…

3. Thomas

Thomas is a name that is associated with straightforwardness. They can be very uncompromising and that will irritate a lot of people around them.

4. Elliott

Elliotts are more often than not dreamers at a point where they do not have any plans at all…and it can make many frown at their lack of structure.

5. Alexander

Alexanders think they are the best in everything…do you know any ?

6. Roman

Roman want to be always right. They have a lot of character, want to have the last word and so, they never accept to be wrong. That is a combo that can make fireworks any time…

7. Lucas

Mysterious, the men named Lucas are hard to get them to talk. They are secret and evasive people when it comes to their private life. In other words, good luck to have a deep conversation with them.

8. Max

Men named Max love to boss other people around. They often act as tough guys and like to lead the group. But for the other people who are been bossed around, it can be very annoying to be face to face with someone who does nothing but giving orders!

9. Nicolas

Sensible, blue flower like, Nicolas’ annoy their friends all the time…

10. Jeremy

Seductive Jeremies leave you alone in parties and make their own fun.

11. Arthur

All the Arthurs have a kind of a dark sense of humour. They have a lot of humour, but rarely a good one. Always throwing everything everyone thinks in everyone else faces, you see what I mean?

12. Jonathan

Jonathans think they are handsome and funny, which makes them very annoying…

13. Hugo

Hugos are the first ones to fly when it comes to arguing. They don’t want to have anything to do with anyone when there is conflict.

14. Martin

Martins have a tendency to be very susceptible and get on their high horses.

15. Matthew

Matthews are renowned to cut people when they are talking.

16. Vincent

Vincents love taking care of their bodies enough to make you go crazy. They love their appearance so much, too much probably. They can be 15 minutes late to an appointment, only because they have a disheveled lock.

17. Anthony

Anthonys have a reputation to be selfish, despite their generosity.

18. Peter

Peters have lots of projects that never get completed

19. Francis

With a guy named, Francis, everything needs to go as smooth as the hour hand on a clock.

20. And the number 1 goes to Benjamin

And finally, benjamins are very depressed maniacs.

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