It’s often said that true love is discovered only when one sees the birth of their child. It’s also said that the worst thing that can happen to a parent is losing their child.

9. After losing his son, he wrote 10 rules. Every parent should live by his message. Look at what he wrote!

Richard Pringle is not able to remain unphased by these two claims: as a father, he felt his heart explode with joy at the birth of his eldest son, and he believes he took part of his soul with him when he left.

Richard Pringle lost his 3-year-old to a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a congenital malformation.

To help himself heal, he wrote some tips for parents so that they take full advantage of the time they have with their kids. Find the 10 rules he wrote on the following page!

8. Some advice to parents from a father who witnessed his child’s birth and death in a matter of a few years


Enjoy their company every day. Talk to them, play with them.

7. Memories are eternal. Make them last forever with pictures and videos.

Take plenty of pictures and videos to make sure those memories last a lifetime.

6. Don’t forget to say good morning and good night to your kids

You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

5. Time doesn’t stop for you to spend time with your kids

Prioritize your children in relation to your professional and social commitments. Remember to journal as they evolve.

4. Money is no object when it comes to your children

Whenever possible, invest everything you have in your children. Spend a weekend with the family, play sports, have fun. Today, my head is full of memories where I can’t remember how much I spent on him.

Do not be thrifty or cheap when it comes to your kids.

3. Make every moment a fun one

No matter what you do: life is too short to never find a reason to rejoice. Have fun with your children while you still can.

2. Sing with themChantez avec eux

The songs you sing with your kids will be written into your memory for life. I still remember all the car trips with my son, and the songs we sang together.

1. Every day that comes Chaque jour qui se lève

Be thankful for the opportunity to spend time with your children.


These words deserve to be shared to remind all parents of how lucky they are to watch their children grow up.

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