A healthy body has good blood circulation. For example, cardiovascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure are easy to avoid if you have excellent health.

7. For symptoms and signs of predisposition to poor blood circulation, here are some indicators to look for.

6. 1

The swelling of the lower limbs occurs mainly after a pregnancy, or in an excessively sedentary lifestyle. This usually results in significant weight gain.

5. 2

If the swelling is not reduced despite elevation of the legs and toning exercises, consult your doctor.

4. 3

A decrease in blood flow can impact the functioning of the kidneys, hence the typical presence of swelling of the lower limbs.

3. 4

A body that is susceptible to injury and has difficulty healing, suffers from a weakened immune system. The deficit in blood circulation is the cause.

2. 5

Cold and frequent numbness of the feet and hands are a reflection of poor blood circulation due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

1. 6

Visible and swollen varicose veins are veins that burst due to lack of blood circulation. Legs can become heavy and painful.
If you recognize any of these symptoms, consult your doctor.