Thanks to these 8 techniques valuables will be protected from thieves … tip number 3 and 8 I would never have thought of that! And you ?

Burglaries are more and more common. No one is safe from petty theft that threatens homes especially when the owner of the premises is absent. 

In the first place, criminals look for money and jewelry. They also know the usual locations like the safe, jewelry box or drawers. Secondly, thieves look for the key to the place they want to break into. The key under the doormat or hidden under the flowerpot are well-known places. 

Why not be imaginative and use other tips? 

We deliver 8 interesting hiding places. The evildoers will not think to look in these objects because they are too commonplace. In a library, who will think of looking in a fake book or a hollow book. It would take too much time. 

In addition, electrical outlets are numerous in a habitat. If you have to spend your time distinguishing between real and fake catch, it’s too risky.  

Same thing for the false stone garden because you have to be aware of the hiding place, otherwise it is very complicated. 

You can also look for other ideas to better hide your belongings and protect them from thefts of all kinds. Unsuccessful searches tire the wrongdoers. 

Share these hiding places around you. 

1. 1. The fake box of Pringles is ideal for concealing the sub


2. 2. Think of the hollow book, it’s simple and hard to spot


3. 3. And why not choose the secret stone for the key?

4. 4. The wall clock is an unsuspected hiding place

5. 5. The ventilation mouth! We do not even think about it

6. 6. The outdoor thermometer is a good solution

7. 7. Do not neglect the power socket!not stupid ! 

8. 8. The top-of-door? Nobody really thinks of it.