These 18 people are not born to be a great chef! But wait to see picture number 18! For my part I had never seen that!

The food and the good food is definitely not a hobby. Cooking is a question of mixing, chemistry to succeed in providing something delicious and tasty. In addition, a dish must also benefit from a beautiful presentation to attract the eye and make you want to taste with appetite.  

These basics are not really retained by the apprentice cooks who are highlighted in this photo gallery. 

This time, we rather want to escape these meals and they arouse more contempt, even disgust than envy. 

We can even talk of waste when we look at all these pictures of totally blackened food or carbonized. We do not dare to imagine the cleaning aspect that comes after. 

Otherwise, we can be entitled to the contrary as the presentation of uncooked food or raw. We even have food put next to each other, just for fun. 

1. 1. A real massacre for poor cuisine

2. 2. They are allergic to the microwave oven

3. 3. Spaghetti carbonized and notcarbonara

4. 4. These pastas are anything but edible

5. 5. I’m not hungry ! What a horror, this mixture! 

6. 6. Blackened and unroasted breads! A real failure

7. 7. Cheese must be sprinkled, not put on block dough

8. 8. This hot dog will never be ready to taste it

9. 9. What a mess! Problem of can opener, probably

10. 10. Spaghetti in the coffee pot? We can do better 

11. 11. A crumble that looks nothing

12. 12. A rather monstrous dish, is not it?

13. 13. Black, it’s black!thereis no hope ! 

14. 14. Oh! What to avoid especially in the microwave

15. 15. Everything burned, even the knob of the gas stove

16. 16. We can try anything but that!

17. 17. A sexy dish that is not eaten with the eyes

18. 18. Nothing is controllable, help!

19. 19. I close my kitchen if he dares to visit me