These 23 designers wanted to do their job well but it’s totally missed! Number 19 is unheard of … I can not believe it again.

Being a designer means doing original creations. These creations concern everyday objects.

A design object must be both functional and beautiful. It must be practical to use. In addition, strength and robustness are also required for a design object.

In the photos that follow, we propose you misfires of design objects. It is unclear if the designers who invented objects are not professionals. We do not know where they want to end up with such strange works.

In any case, through these failed, one realizes that one does not become designer by chance. It must surely years of study but above all a great talent to succeed in design.

These photos are an opportunity to laugh especially for the number 19. Share around you.


1. Ants on his plate. No thanks!

2. How to enter this shower?

3. This drawing is not very inspiring

4. Are you sure it’s for people with disabilities?

5. This pack of chewing gum is not up to standard

6. This is definitely not his mouth!

7. The typical example of failed marketing!

8. An advertisement that leaves no voice!

9. This designer should consult an oculist

10. Okay to sort the garbage! How to do?

11. I try it on this book. Can not access video

12. A sushi for a giant, no doubt!

13. It is not known where this stair ends

14. This logo is reminiscent of something. It’s for you to guess !

15. You have to learn before becoming a cook

16. This glass has not been studied

17. Can you tell me the exact time?

18. That will change everything, surely!

19. In search of lost chocolate

20. The packaging is more beautiful than the content

21. A difficult puzzle to understand

22. A real nightmare, this parking.