Top 16 really useful tips you never thought … Number 14, I can not do without

Tricks in everyday life are always necessary to simplify storage and good food preservation. This is valid for all occasions and at a lower cost.

These methods make it possible to benefit from a good organization at home, but also in the work. It is essential to be well organized when traveling often. Thus, all practical and important objects are always nearby.

The foods concerned are mainly fruits and vegetables that are difficult to keep especially in terms of freshness.

The hangers are everyday objects that can be used for various interesting uses.

Admire the storage of glasses, which we tend to lose often in photo number 10. Do not miss the organization of bras with hangers.

Get inspired by all these tips and talk about them, if you like these tips.


1. How to effectively preserve fresh fruit?

2. The potatoes and onions are well kept

3. A portable and tidy medicine box

4. Hangers that allow storage of bras

5. A simple wiper is enough to clean the hair

6. CD holders are clever cable storage

7. Take your clothes everywhere becomes practical

8. The hole is easy to find with soapy water

9. Carrying cartons becomes easy with this trick

10. The storage of the glasses is easy thanks to the hangers

11. The drawers will not make any more horrible noise

12. A very decorative reminder

13. A fun football accessory for everyone

14. Your cast iron stove will be like new

15. Baby is safe with this dry pool

16. Any germination is impossible thanks to an apple.