Top 17 animals that have found a real cozy little nest! Photo number 11 and 14. Impossible not to crack!

Ah! Our dear friends, animals love to tease us. They are so cute and make the happiness of lovers of beautiful pictures on the internet. 

 In addition, their pet life makes them quickly appreciate comfort, cozy nests, cozy places and this is not just the case of cats. 

 We know very well that cats love the heat and the most cocooned places in the house. They are already given all the various accessories. But felines love to use their master’s goods if possible. 

 It’s better and they know how to quickly exercise their property rights. 

 It starts as soon as they are still small. And that does not improve when they get older. 

In any case, do not be angry at their jokes. Take things on the right side and arm yourself with your camera. 

 Take a picture of them. Share these photos on social networks. 

1. 1. A simple sock is enough for this kitten

2. 2. This lion loves to be transported

3. 3. Attention, I exist! even though I am small 

4. 4. Yes! we are a large family 

5. 5. I am very, very cramped, SOS!

6. 6. Yes, it’s my sick little guard ! and he takes advantage of it 

7. 7. Look for me! if you can ! 

8. 8. Even in the sea, a hiding place is welcome

9. 9. Oops! do not worry about me 

10. 10. To your health! to mine too 

11. 11. To live happily, let’s live well hidden

12. 12. Hello! I am the present of the day

13. 13. Do not disturb! Please

14. 14. Between dog and cat, it’s a new expression

15. 15. My love for pretzels is limitless

16. 16. Do not leave me, never, never!

17. 17. A little piece? I like sharing!