Top 17 of the things that all people born in the 90s have necessarily known… Wait until you see number 15 ! I can’t believe it! I forgot about that! Not you?

In the 1990s, many technologies were in their infancy. Who doesn’t remember the personal music players and VCR tapes?
At the time, these devices for listening to music and watching movies recorded on TV were considered state-of-the-art.

When you listened to your favourite song on the radio, you had to have an audio cassette to record it, with the guaranteed background noise.

The 90s was the blessed era of CDs that contained all the tutorials for dancing, consulting an encyclopedia, deepening a language. At the time, the minitel was used to find the coordinates of a relative.

On the hairdressing side, the bowl that was inverted or cut with a bowl was all the rage in the playgrounds. The PC was in its infancy and some simple manipulations proved fatal.

As for the TV channels, they were not numerous and numbered in the dozens.

The 90s are part of the happy years. We were not overwhelmed by the connected objects. The telephone was not one of our concerns.

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1. MSN do you remember?