Top 18 people who found their doppleganger at the museum … but wait to see the 13th picture! You will not believe it!

Following some statistics, we have at least one or more dopplegangers all over the world. That happens when 2 people look very much alike without having any blood relation.

1. Top 18 people who found their lookalike at the museum … but wait to see the 13th picture! You will not believe it!

You can spend years, and even your whole life without never meeting those people.

Some people went as far as traveling around the world to visit museums to find their double. Most of them have found them in antique portraits. You will see that the resemblance is astonishing! What’s even more incredible is that many of those portraits were painted centuries ago.

2. 1. When your doppleganger has been painted by a Spanish Noble, Bartolomé Murillo

3. 2. This man’s doppleganger lived in 1572

4. 3. Even their hairstyles look alike

5. 4. His friends found this portrait in a Scottish museum and compared him to Willie Robertson

6. 5. Just change their clothes and they look almost the same!

7. 6. 111 years ago, this guy was apparently a Samurai, can you believe it?

8. 7. Their resemblance is astonishing, don’t you think?

9. 8. A doppleganger from the 17th century

10. 9. How is that even possible?

11. 10. It seems like this man can time travel

12. 11. The more you look, the more you can see the resemblance

13. 12. This hairstyle was also popular in ancient times too

14. 13. Where ‘s his dog?

15. 14. Maybe it was her grand mother?

16. 15. The moment when you realize you were an Empress…

17. 16. The thermos could be used as an helmet


19. 17. It was heard that some people are really immortal…

20. 18. Children too have dopplegangers…