20 hilarious photos of kids who really regret coming to a wedding – wait until you see number 15

Typically, a wedding is not very exciting for guests. Often the day drags by, and we spend most of our time waiting, and wanting the ceremony to end quickly.

20 hilarious photos of kids who really regret coming to a wedding – wait until you see number 15. Which one is your favorite?

Sometimes, even the buffet and wedding cake are waiting for the parade of lengthy speeches to end.

It’s even harder for children who hate the status quo. They don’t really seem to enjoy spend time with strangers twice their age, who are often very drunk and talkative.

In this 20 photo gallery, you’ll catch a glimpse of their cute little faces and reactions to some pretty boring weddings. You’ll see little bridesmaids and tiny groomsmen unhappy with their wedding day duties. Look at the impatience of the bridesmaids.

Children in wedding photos – it’s not always the best idea. Others let themselves go, and question why they’re even there. In any case, it’s a pleasure to watch their rattled behavior during weddings.

Look at the 20 pictures of children on the next page and let us know your favorite! 

1. This little maiden of honor is tired of this boring wedding

2. Her face says it all

3. I beg you, bring me home!

4. You made a huge mistake

5. This little boy, who was supposed to bring the wedding rings, made quite an entrance

6. That’s nice, is it over?

7. The bridesmaid was just not in a good mood

8. She can’t take it anymore


9. What, do you want my picture?

10. Being bridesmaid is very stressful too!

11. The best marriage photobomb in the world

12. The kids in these wedding photos? Not really a good idea

13. Bridesmaid before the wedding vs bridesmaid at the end of the evening. This is what we call a rough day.


14. Weddings, they’re not really his thing

15. Bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem didn’t really enjoy watching Catherine and William kiss

16. A little one after a long day of festivities. The suitcase has all of his travel toys in it

17. It’s time to think and ask yourself the true meaning of marriage

18. Marriage? They’re not impressed

19. Exclusive: an unhappy bridesmaid

20. This little girl would just like to disappear